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Our Programs:


Our in-person events are paused at the moment, but keep reading to learn about our community programs. We'll meet again soon, and what a wonderful day that will be!
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The Welcome Table


4:30 pm


Among the many ways our congregation strives to serve the community is to provide a home for the Welcome Table: a community-based free lunch program housed in our dining hall. It provides an opportunity for socializing as well as a nutritious meal every Friday from 9:30am to noon, and has done so since 2009. The organizing team is composed of members of the UU Meeting House, as well as people from the wider community who work with local businesses and civic organizations to prepare and serve the meal. The Welcome Table is always looking for partners to host by dishing up a nourishing meal. If you or your organization are interested in contributing in any way, please Contact Us.



10:00 am

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For more than a century the ULAS (formerly known as the Universalist Ladies Aid Society) has served the community of Pittsfield, Maine and the surrounding area by supporting elders, those in grief, transition, and suffering from illness. Their loving support is appreciated by many. Don't let the name fool you, individuals of any gender identity are graciously accepted and appreciated in the ULAS. Contact Us to learn more.

This Is My Path


11:30 am


"This Is My Path" is a series created by the UU Meeting House of Pittsfield to be a community-wide exploration of spiritual autobiography. It gives voice to people doing hard, enlightening, motivating, and inspirational work. You'll be moved, challenged, and entertained. Past speakers include: Patrick McGowan: novelist, conservationist, and pilot. Maulian Dana: Penobscot Nation Tribal Ambassador, writer, and human rights activist. Russ Cox: illustrator and author. 

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